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Sims 2 to Sims 4

Lets Talk About The Sims 2, 3, & 4 for a Minute

The Sims 2

an image of the sims 2

The Sims 2 was created by Maxis, Electronic Arts, Amaze Entertainment, and Griptonite Games. It was released September 14th, 2004. The base game was later followed by eight expansion packs, and nine stuff packs. The Sims 2 was one of the first games to include same-sex marriage, allowing players of the LGBT community to fully express themselves. There were two body types to chose from in the game. While they tried to add inclusiveness there, the large body option...still wasn't large. It can be excused that a game made so early did not have all the tools to prevent clipping like it does today. The game was released with four skin tones. While back then you might think "Wow, this is diverse!", it is not. And it is unacceptable.

A household allows up to 8 sims living in a household at a time. Having pets contributed to the number of sims in a home. Each character can be made differently, being able to choose and customize likes and dislikes, zodiac signs, and traits, there was always something happening. The sims 2 offered 11 occult sims as well, not always playing as a human.

The Sims 2 offers many different lots to travel to. From vacations to shopping there is always something to do. They offered cars from cheap and junky, to expensive and luxurious. The sims would climb into the car, and then drive to end of the lot where they would be greeted with a loading screen. There were taxis as well. For children and teens, going to and returning from school could be done via schoolbus, or a parent driving them.

The Sims 3

an image of the sims 3

The Sims 3 was created by Maxis, The Sims Studio, EA Mobile, Edge of Reality, and IronMonkey Studios. It was released June 2nd, 2009. The game was later followed by eleven expansion packs, and nine stuff packs. The sims 3 releasing changed up LGBT marriage in games, by no longer "joining unions", but by getting married exactly how other sims do. This version of the game added a huge turning point for the Sims, in giving the players a color wheel. This gave players unlimited color customization in not just clothes and furniture, but also, skin color. While there were only 6 default skins to click, the slider offered much more colors to utilize. The Sims 3 also added a body slider, adjusting the weight and proportions of a sim. It was a forgiving day when heavy sims resembled what heaviness is. While it was the same that a house could only have eight sims, including pets, there were many more traits and likes and dislikes to chose from. It also introduced voice customization, and different walking styles.

The Sims 3 was a complete open map game. The only loading screen was at the start of the game, and sim customizations. Cars were much more utilized, however, still much appreciated in Sims 2.

The Sims 4

an image of the sims 4

The Sims 4 was created by Maxis and The Sims Studio. It was released September 2nd, 2014. The Sims 4 was intended to be played as an online game, sharing your families with friends. By the time release date came around, the game wasn't near finished, and it was time and money saving to scrap the game, and make a new one. This version of the Sims came incomplete, and had not started fixing or building the game until 2021. After its release, the game was followed by eleven expansion packs, eleven game packs, eighteen stuff packs, and eleven kits. As of 2022, there are more packs expected to be released. Packs being created and released without the game being complete, or in many cases, playable, has not sat well with Sims players. The packs being created have significantly less items, and less gameplay features.

The Sims 4 took away being able to carry your baby, open maps, and cars. The game had originally released with only eighteen skin tones, and no slider. The issue is while the different swatches are clickable, the skin tone only changes about four tones, removing diversity. The game has also removed firefighters, though, recently patching them in. However, this created a bug where sims urinated fire, and then died from being on fire. Thanks Sims. Along with removing cars, children and teens no longer get on and off a bus for school. There is no bus. The sim will now waste three hours walking to the edge of the lot, where they will vanish into a rabbit hole.

While I could (and sort of want to) go on for what feels like days talking about only the downfalls that came with Sims 4, surprisingly there are neat and new aspects to the game.