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Modern Javascript

Creating and itterating through an array

            const fruits = ["Apples","Cherries","Raspberries"]; //Initializes an array of fruits
            fruits.forEach((currentFruitElement) => {
                //This will loop through the array of fruits


The forEach method is being called on the array named 'fruits'. Each time the currentFruitElement itterates through the loop, it adds on as an element.

The Ternary Operator

            let score = 62;
            let result;

            if(score >= 60){
                result = "PASS";
                result = "FAIL";
            } //An if Statement

            result = score >= 60 ? "PASS" : "FAIL"; //The Ternary Operator

The ternary operator is a shorthand way of creating an if statement. It is a truthy falsy operation, that can be used in Javascript and Excel. The first statement entered executes if it's truthy, and last statement executes if it returns falsy.

Copying an Array

            //Copying Arrays
            const videoGameNames = ["Elden Ring", "Wobbly Life"];
            const namesCopy = [...VideoGameNames];

Using methods such as sort, filter, and reduce will change an array. For this reason, it is handy and smart to make a back up of your arrays, incase you still need an orignal. The example will copy the array videoGameNames, so any necessary modifications can be made.